Monday, September 22, 2008


I had my toefl exam.
Dad woke me up at 6:30.I got ready,had breakfast(low fat,even though I am 150 cms and 39 kiloes). I'm borderline anorexic.
Wondered how would I manage to stay awake for the entire duration of the test.Was getting ready to leave home when Dad told me that the paper was not for 2 more hours."Great",I thought "Two more hours to brainwash myself with MTV Asia "Settled down to watch TV.

The exam sucked.I aced it.Hummed Maroon 5's "Wake up call" to myself throughout the entire thing.Scary business..watching tv and all.
Fuckin kills all your brain cells.
I have around 10 neurons left..I'm sure.
The boy next to me cheated the entire thing off me.Met a girl from my SAT classes,who I call Donald Duck(in my mind).
Got worried when I saw a guy doing a paragraph that I hadn't come across.Forgot to listen to the listening section as a result.Didn't realise until later on that the number of paragraphs you got was variable.
Life's queer!
Have hip hop dance classes tomorrow.
You don't realise how hilariously embarrassing it can be dancing with a bunch of middle aged housewives until the instructor yells.."Reema(Me)..What you doing..65 year old lady bending more than you!"..singaporean accent and all.
But this is how it is here.Middle aged or not,they all dance like Justin Timberlake.*sighs*

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