Sunday, September 28, 2008

Street circuit racing

Well weekends here again.And hell,it all ends so soon.
Went and saw the F1.Had a tough time figuring out which car belonged to which and as a result spent a major portion of my time rooting for a red Ferrari,who I thought was driven by Hamilton.Was told to shut the hell up by my Dad...after I shouted "Go Hamilton!" one too many times whenever the red car sped by.
Got talking with two old Brits....boring stuff.Nearly felt like vomiting up my "supposed " five star Cantonese meal.Never again! Have Cantonese food again that is.Brits are nice enough folk.

Have a tough week ahead.SAT on Sunday..hell!!.Intensive gymming..a result of the slacking off I did this week.
Blah...I'm out.

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