Sunday, October 5, 2008

Opposing views.

My latest favourite singer-Miyavi

I just got off the phone after a conversation with two rather rowdy and raucous college boys.One of them is my friend and the other one is supposedly hot..:P
Excerpt(They had the speaker phone on)
Boy A(My friend):He he Swan,you are going to the masquerade party as a boy?I think I'll turn gay then.As it is you love gay people.
Boy B(The other one):What?You like gay people...(Laughs)
Swan(seriously):Yes I do.
Boy B to Boy A:Haha...shes likes gays.
Boy A to Boy B:No yaar,shes just joking with you.She says absolutely anything at times.
Boy A(To me):Aren't you,little one?
Swan(Irritated):No,I'm not joking.I do like gay men.A lot actually.I have many friend who are gay.
Stunned silence follows.
Swan(The hypocrite in me awakens):Hee hee,no yaar,they're just hot.Do lots of stuff and makeup all na?Anyway,do you really like P?
The topic changes.

Incidents like these often make me wonder.Why is the majority of the people I know think I'm kidding whenever I mention anything about homosexuals or my love for them.(Yes it's true,I do like gay men.When I see you,I will probably love to be your friend.Unless I'm to intimidated by your 6 pack or whatever.)

Its funny when you contrast places like England where homosexuals can legally marry and India,where they just dont exist.

Even the youth of our country,no matter how progressive they view themselves as,are blind to the fact that homosexuality does exist.It is not just an instrument to bring about laughter whenever it is played in movies.

Perhaps its my fault too.I have lived in this utopian alternate reality for so long.A reality where sexuality is fluid-girl,guy,both,whatever......a reality where no act is taboo..where nothing is wrong.
It couldnt be more different from my actual surroundings.

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