Monday, October 13, 2008

On occasion

I have slightly fallen behind on my gymming schedule these days.Studies and the rest of that crap.
Its weird,the gym here in Singapore.There are people who go there to tone up,but still insist on taking up the lift to the second floor.There are the skinny people and the medium built people.No one fat though.
I often wonder where all the fatties in Singapore are at.They're probably dumped off, on an island somewhere,where they can happily live out their lives surrounded by like minded and waisted people.
Haha,just like they kill off all the pigeons in this place because of the mess they create.And the censorship issues.If I was my usual self,I would have absolutely hated this place.But hell,I actually dont.Its something like this;You are wrapped in a cocoon of comfort .You have everything:-from cheap housing to medical aid to air con buses and,who the hell am I to complain about a few murdered pigeons.
I just got an sms from my personal trainer reading "How am I supposed to help you if you don't want to help yourself".What the hell does she want to do,I wonder.Prolly suck the life force outta me,because thats all I've got left.
Inactivity of the soul kills!

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butterflies said...

I love the cleanliness of singapore..its safe too and I dont mind if they kill off all the pigeons;)