Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Its a holiday today.For Eid.Woke up at my usual 4 Pm,feeling guilty .Slunk around the house,conned my Dad into going to to Little India alone and then settled down for some SAT Prep.
My SAT coachings finished yesterday.*Sighs*..I have nothing more to look f0ward too.
Had my hip hop classes on Tuesday.Had to endure an hour of extremely intricate footwork and extremely middle aged flirting.With the instructor that is..not me.:P.There was a new boy in the classes,so I was kinda happy cuz all the boys usually dance worse than me.Well,not this one aparently.
On the bus ride back home I sat opposite this college girl who was probably an year or so older to me,but looked as if she was my Mum.She kept staring at me,but I suppose thats because she figured that I was looking at her too.Not that I was.I dont look at people in the face.My way of acting "Chill".Try explaining that to my SAT teacher.Im a sucker for the mumsy types.The french teacher in my old school.

It has been a wierd week so far.When my Dad and I were walking through Orchard,a number of compeltly random people started coming up to us,saying some stuff both of us didnt get.They gestured with their hands ..and for that instance it looked like I was seeing the world in slow motion.Freaky.And it wasnt as if they spoke in some language we didnt understand..there were two Indians among them.Its like one of those movies in which people come and say stuff to you ,everything which turns out to be prophetic.I do hope there is a movie like this.If not..Hire me Dreamworks!.

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